Monday, January 2, 2012


walking a dark path
cold and alone

you notice that there is some one next to you
who are you? you say

he looks at you
whithout a stop to think he say's
"Im your gardian angel"

you stop, turn to him and say
"no your not!"
"you can't be"
"there is no such thing"

he smiles at you and say
"I knew you would say that"
"if I am not real, who stopped that man from robbing you?"

"what man?" you say

"the one that was behind the dumpster ten minutes ago"

"oh yeah, how'd you do that then" you say, hoping to catch him off gard

without a though he said
"I whispered in his ear, I told him that he should go home"
"his wife and child needed him more than the 5 dollars he would get"

you then ask "how did you know I had only 5 dollars?"

"I know this because I was there when you stole it from your mothers room"

you stop, this is bad, houw could he know this? he wasnt there?

"how did I not see you then" you demand

he answered simply
"because you didnt need to see me"

the way he answered, so casual
it made you angry

"then how come I can see you now" you shout

"because you didnt want to be by yourself"

"well I do know!" you nearly shout this, and you feel a little stupid
you turn to say you are sorry
but there is no one there

you feel cold and alone, you walk faster, wanting to get home as soon as you can
you turn a corner and see that near the end of the road are some men
you can see there eye's they are looking right at you

there is nowhere you can turn

the start walking inyour direction, you slow down
they are getting closer and closer, you feel nothing but fear

they hesitate, look at each other, then walk right past you
you do not wait, to see if they come back

you run and run, you run till your sides hurt
you stop and sit on a bench to catch your breath

your heart is beating so loadly your surprised that the whole world
cant hear it

"dont worry" a voice say's "I wont watch over you"

you breath out, you feel better

"and no, they cant hear your heart"

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